Future Vision Technology Events

What is future vision

Future Vision is a series of technology events aimed at people living with sight loss. Future Vision is a collaborative project between seven local independent sight societies

  • Sight Advice South Lakes – Cumbria
  • My Sight Notts – Nottingham
  • sight airedale – Airedale area, North and West Yorkshire
  • Support 4 Sight – West & South Essex
  • Sight Concern Worcestershire – Worcestershire
  • Sutton Vision – London Borough of Sutton
  • Kirklees Visual Impairment Network – Huddersfield West Yorkshire

Future Vision events take place on the 4th Thursday of each month at 10am.

Live Well sessions concentrate on making the most of life with sight loss, these sessions take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10am.

To attend the next session, or to suggest future topics please contact your local sight society who will be able to provide you with the Zoom link.


1 September 2021 – Using the Jaws Screenreader for email and navigating the web

Future Vision Extra – In this video, Stuart Lawler of Sight and Sound demonstrates using the Jaws Screenreader to check, send and receive an email in Outlook and navigate a webpage using Microsoft Edge.

26 August 2021 – Technology for people living with sight loss – Q&A Session

In this presentation, Graham Page from Thomas Pocklington Trust hosts a Technology Question and Answer Session. He covers a wide variety of topics including accessible TV, Navigation apps, scanning and reading apps, listening to audiobooks.

22 July 2021 – Smart Speakers for people living with sight loss

In this Video, Antony Horner from sight airedale looks at how smart speakers can be used by people living with sight loss. The video covers using Alexa to get general information, controlling the devices in your home with your voice and home automation. The video also shows methods of using Alexa for entertainment, such as searching a TV Guide, Listening to BBC Radio content, listening to audiobooks and having books read to you.

24 June 2021 – Assisted Video Technology for People with Sight Loss

In this Video Tim Ward from Sight Advice South Lakes looks at Assistive Video Technologies for people with sight loss. This is where you can connect to a sighted helper via a video call who can help read labels, signs or guide you round a building.

27 May 2021 – Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for iOS and Android

In this presentation Matt Harrison of My Sight Notts, looks at Artificial Intelligence Apps that help describe the surroundings to people with sight loss. The apps featured are Seeing AI, Sulliven+, Matt Also looks at using Seeing AI and Speech Sticker to identify and label products using barcodes.