Rainbow Group Technology and Live Well Events

What is the Rainbow Group?

The Rainbow Group is a series of virtual events aimed at helping people make the most of life with sight loss. The Rainbow Group is made up of 6 local independent sight loss charities.

Live Well sessions concentrate on making the most of life with sight loss, sessions take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10am.

Future Vision Sessions concentrate on Technology for people with sight loss and take place on the 4th Thursday of each month at 10am.

To attend the next session, or to suggest future topics please contact your local sight society who will be able to provide you with the Zoom link.


17 March 2022 – My World of Visually Impaired Photography on a iPhone

Vicky, who has Stargardt’s Macular Degeneration, rediscovered her love of photography during the pandemic restrictions using an iPhone 7 plus, she went out and about taking pictures around her local area in south London, discovering the full potential of its camera, including using Voiceover and Voice Control.

In this video, Vicky will demonstrate the basic iPhone camera functions

3 March 2022 – Learning to Cook with Sight Loss – Simon Mahoney

How do you cook when you’re totally blind, and your wife dies at the start of a Pandemic? This was the situation faced by former Royal Marine Simon Mahoney in March 2020. His solution was to write a basic Kitchen survival guide called “First Catch your Rabbit” In this talk, Simon will tell his story, how he organised his kitchen, and talk through the process of preparing a meal using the system he devised.

24 February 2022 – Good Lighting for people with Sight Loss

Good lighting can help people with sight loss make the most of their remaining sight. In this Video, Antony talks about different lighting technologies, Lighting Terminology, choosing the right light for the job and smart lighting.

17 February 2022 – HERU Yoga for the Blind

My name is Hanna and I am the founder and the voice behind HERU Yoga for the Blind. I live in London and am a Choreographer, Performer, and Yoga teacher. I started HERU Yoga for the Blind in 2021 to make yoga accessible to those with visual impairments. Having a visual impairment should not stop anyone from benefiting from yoga. HERU Yoga for the Blind makes yoga accessible through the medium of podcasts. Currently, there is one season with 27 different episodes/sequences and season number 2 is in the making.

10 February 2022 – Getting the most out of your Mobile Phone

In this video, Mark Owen and David Quarmby from Outlookers in Huddersfield look at how to make the most of your mobile phone when you have sight loss. Mark and David look at making the contents of the screen easier to see, making the screen bigger, using the phone as a magnifier, and using the phone to read printed text.  Using the phone with a screen reader.

3 February 2022 – Visual Hallucinations in people with sight loss – Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Charles Bonnet Syndrome is a condition where people with sight loss experience visual hallucinations. In this talk, Judith Potts of Esme’s Umbrella will give an overview of Charles Bonnet Syndrome and also explain some of the very new and exciting developments in research in this area.

You can learn more about Esme’s Umbrella at www.charlesbonnetsyndrome.uk

27 January 2022 – Talking Mobile Phones with Taira Technology

Mo and Omar Iqbal from Taira technology provide a demonstration of the BlindShell Classic 2 talking mobile phone (starts at 16:19). Taira Technology specialises in providing technology, support and training to people who are visually impaired.

20 January 2022 – Living with Macular Degeneration under Covid-19 Restrictions

Suzanne Roberts of The Macular Society talks about the emotional effects of macular degeneration, both before the pandemic and effects the pandemic may have had on peoples’ lives.

13 January 2022 – Advances in Gene Therapy for sight loss by Dr Jasleen Jolly

For our first live well with sight loss session, we were joined by Dr Jasleen Jolly from the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge talked about the latest developments in Gene Technology for treating eye conditions.

23 December 2021 – Wearable Low Vision Aids and Reading Machines

Optelec/Enhanced Vision are manufacture and supply Electronic Low Vision aids. In this demonstration, Mark Silver from Optelec/Enhanced Vision demonstrates a selection of reading machines and wearable low vision aids.

25 November 2021 – NaviLens Labelling and Signage System

NaviLens is a labelling and signage system designed for people with sight loss. The user downloads the free NaviLens app onto their smartphone, when their phone’s camera detects a NaviLens tag (like a QR Code) it will read out the sign or label in the users own language. In this presentation, Javier Pita, CEO of NaviLens demonstrates the system and answers questions.

28 October 2021 – WayAround NFC Labelling System

WayAround is a labelling system for people with sight loss. It allows you to label food, clothes, CDs or anything else you can think of using a WayTag. WayTag allow you to create custom labels for your items and have them read out to you when you scan it with your mobile phone. In this Video Jessica Hipp of WayAround demonstrates the WayAround system.

23 September 2021 – NeateBox Welcome

NeateBox Welcome allows customers to inform a venue of any access requirements (ie guide dog user, hard of hearing, Autism etc) they may have before they arrive. In this Video Gavin Neate from NeateBox demonstrates how the system works both for customers and venues and answers questions.

1 September 2021 – Using the Jaws Screenreader for email and navigating the web

Future Vision Extra – In this video, Stuart Lawler of Sight and Sound demonstrates using the Jaws Screenreader to check, send and receive an email in Outlook and navigate a webpage using Microsoft Edge.

26 August 2021 – Technology for people living with sight loss – Q&A Session

In this presentation, Graham Page from Thomas Pocklington Trust hosts a Technology Question and Answer Session. He covers a wide variety of topics including accessible TV, Navigation apps, scanning and reading apps, listening to audiobooks.

22 July 2021 – Smart Speakers for people living with sight loss

In this Video, Antony Horner from sight airedale looks at how smart speakers can be used by people living with sight loss. The video covers using Alexa to get general information, controlling the devices in your home with your voice and home automation. The video also shows methods of using Alexa for entertainment, such as searching a TV Guide, Listening to BBC Radio content, listening to audiobooks and having books read to you.

24 June 2021 – Assisted Video Technology for People with Sight Loss

In this Video Tim Ward from Sight Advice South Lakes looks at Assistive Video Technologies for people with sight loss. This is where you can connect to a sighted helper via a video call who can help read labels, signs or guide you round a building.

27 May 2021 – Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for iOS and Android

In this presentation, Matt Harrison of My Sight Notts, looks at Artificial Intelligence Apps that help describe the surroundings to people with sight loss. The apps featured are Seeing AI, Sulliven+, Matt Also looks at using Seeing AI and Speech Sticker to identify and label products using barcodes.