Daily Living Shop

Demonstrate and supply sight loss aids

Situated at our Scott Street premises in Keighley our Daily Living Shop houses over 150 sight loss aids and products designed to make living with sight loss easier.

We want to be sure that there is someone available to give you the best service we can. To avoid disappointment please ring our helpline to make a one-to-one appointment for the shop. To keep costs down we only hold a small amount of stock, most items will need to be ordered.

We’ve put together a sample of some of the sight loss aids that we offer:-

Telling the Time

sight loss aids - talking clocks and watches. RNIB Single Button Communi Clock, Big Number Wall Clock Radio Controlled watch with black numbers, Ladies Gold Watch, Watch with leather strap and black face, Digital Alarm Clock
A selection of our talking and easy to see clocks and watches

We have a range of talking and easy to see clocks and watches. Some models are radio-controlled meaning they set themselves to the correct time. Many of clocks and watches will also announce today’s date.

In the Kitchen


sight loss aids for the kitchen - Set of Talking Tin Lids, a Penfriend being held next to a jar.  Bump-ons surrounding a knob to mark various options.
Talking Tin Lids, Penfriend and Bump-Ons

Talking Tin Lids

Magnetic talking tin lids designed to sit on top of food tins. Record a short message and then press a button to have it played back to you. Ideal for leaving cooking instructions or stick one to the front of your fridge and leave messages for the family.

Penfriend audio labeller

The penfriend system consists of a device that looks like a pen and a series of labels. Place the penfriend on a label and press the record button to record a message, then stick the label on the item you want to identify. To identify an object, place the penfriend on the label, press the play button to playback the message. The labels can be used to identify anything from food packaging to CDs. Magnetic labels are also available for use on tins. 


These are tactile dots that help you locate important buttons or settings on appliances such as washing machines or cookers.

Food Preparation

sight loss aids for the kitchen - Talking Microwave, Liquid Level Indicator, Talking Measuring Jug, Talking Food Thermometer, Talking Scales
Talking Microwave, Liquid Level Indicator, Talking Measuring Jug, Talking Food Thermometer, Talking Kitchen Scales

Talking food thermometer

Ideal for checking the temperature of meat or when making Jam this thermometer announces the temperature either in Celsius or Fahrenheit. As the temperature changes, the new temperature is announced.

Talking measuring jug

The measuring jug allows you to measure liquids such as water, milk or Oil. It can measure in in imperial – pints and fluid ounces, metric – litres and millilitres and U.S. – pints and fluid ounces.

Talking Scales

We have two types of talking kitchen scales, some with large print measuring jugs and large displays and others that only speak. Both models can measure in imperial and metric, both have removable bowl/jug, and both have a tar function.

Talking Appliances

Our talking microwave speaks each button as it is pressed and announces the power, time set and count down timer. Also available are talking combination ovens and a talking induction hob (not on display)

Liquid Level Indicator

Liquid level indicators are small devices that hang over the side of your cup, as the level of the liquid in the cup increases, the liquid level indicator will beep and vibrate to prevent you from overfilling the container.

Demonstration of a Liquid Level Indicator

Keeping in Touch

sight loss aids for keeping in touch - Envelope Guide, Address book, Large print calendar, Diary, Telephone Book Signature Guide.
Envelope Guide, Address Book, Big Print Calendar, Big Print Diary, Telephone Book, Signature Guide.

We have a range of stationery to help you keep in touch ranging from large print calendars, date reminders and diaries to large print telephone and address books.

We also have note pads with extra-wide and thick lines. Signature guides help you locate where you need to sign on a form, address guides help you write the address on the front of an envelope, cheque guides are available free from your bank.