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An illustration of a modern bus and a sleek train racing side-by-side through a scenic English countryside, featuring rolling green hills and traditional flora. The bus travels on a winding road while the train speeds along a parallel railway track. Travel Concessions for Blind and Partially Sighted people in Yorkshire and Lancashire 31 May 2024 - Discover the travel benefits available for blind and partially sighted residents of Yorkshire and Lancashire. From free bus and train passes to companion travel options, our guide covers all you need to know about eligibility and how to apply for travel concessions designed to ease your journeys in Northern England
Stethoscope resting on a laptop next to a paper form. NHS Accessible Information Standard 10 January 2024 - Did you know you can ask the NHS to provide information such as appointment and consultant letters in what ever format is accessible to you. Learn more about the NHS Accessible Information Standard
Blind Persons TV Licence Concession Blind Persons TV Licence Concession 18 December 2023 - The Blind Persons TV Licence Concession gives a 50% reduction in the cost of a TV Licence regardless of age, read on to learn how to apply.
bequeathed Make your will for good Get a free will from a leading legal firm 17 February 2023 - Sight airedale has partnered with Bequeathed to offer an accessible and inclusive service where every supporters can make a free Will For Good. Just follow these simple steps which will take less than an hour of your time:
Sun Setting behind pylons Help with Energy Costs 15 November 2022 - With the record rise in energy prices over the past year and the rise in October, we look at what help is available. This is what is available as of 17 October 2022.
Future Vision Visionary Winner 2021 Future Vision wins National Award 8 December 2021 - We are pleased to announce that we are joint winners of a national award for Future Vision, a project to bring Virtual Technology Events to people living with sight loss
Retinitis Pigmentosa What do blind people see? – Retinitis Pigmentosa 29 July 2021 - Retinitis Pigmentosa describes a group of conditions that affect the Retina. This artistic impression gives an idea of how the world may look to someone with RP.
What do blind people see? - Macular Degeneration What do Blind People See? – Macular Degeneration 26 August 2020 - Age Related Macular Degeneration or AMD is the leading cause of blindness in people aged 65. This video shows a simulation of what someone with AMD may see.
Visual Hallucinations Visual Hallucinations in people with sight loss – Charles Bonnet Syndrome 12 August 2020 - Charles Bonnet Syndrome is a condition where people with sight loss experience visual hallucinations (seeing things that are not there).
Desktop Computer displaying new website New website goes live 4 August 2020 - We’re pleased to announce our new website is now live.