Working Age and Retirement Benefits for people with Sight Loss in the UK

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to LiveWell – 00:00:00
  2. Presentation Team Introduction – 00:00:05
  3. About LiveWell – 00:00:11
  4. Working Age Benefits – 00:02:00
  5. Access to Work Program – 00:03:05
  6. Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Overview – 00:03:29
  7. Employment Support and Job Seekers Allowance – 00:13:50
  8. Universal Credit Overview – 00:18:18
  9. Pension Age Benefits Discussion – 00:23:58
  10. Attendance Allowance Details – 00:27:04
  11. Q&A on Attendance Allowance – 00:37:59
  12. Conclusion and Overview – 00:38:07
  13. Additional Support for Attendance Allowance Claims – 00:38:07
  14. Pension Credits and Financial Support – 00:39:23
  15. Concessions for Blind and Partially Sighted Individuals – 00:46:51
  16. Final Q&A and Closing – 00:54:22


This video, presented by Zsuzsi Szabo and Colin Daniels on March 14, 2024, is a comprehensive guide on the benefits available for individuals with sight loss, encompassing both working-age and pension-age audiences. It begins with an introduction to the LiveWell series, designed to aid those navigating life with sight loss, and details the collaborative efforts behind the initiative.

The session dives into working-age benefits, covering the Access to Work program, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Employment Support, Job Seekers Allowance, and a brief overview of Universal Credit. For pension-age individuals, detailed discussions on Attendance Allowance and pension credits provide essential insights, complemented by a thorough Q&A segment on Attendance Allowance.

Further, the video highlights additional support avenues for Attendance Allowance claims, emphasizing the role of Age UK and DWP’s home visiting service. It also covers the financial support mechanisms available through pension credits, shedding light on the significance of the triple lock system for state pensions.

An important section dedicated to concessions for blind and partially sighted individuals outlines the benefits available, including blue badges, free prescriptions, and concessions on public transport and leisure activities.

The session concludes with a final Q&A, addressing specific concerns and queries from the audience, and provides a succinct summary of the key points covered, ensuring viewers are well-informed about the various benefits and supports available to them.