The future of AI and what it means for sight loss


This video presents a comprehensive overview of the Future Vision series, dedicated to exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on sight loss. Hosted by a panel of experts, the session delves into the current applications of AI in assisting individuals with sight loss, speculative advancements in technology, and the ethical dilemmas posed by AI’s integration into daily life. The discussion includes practical demonstrations of ChatGPT, insights into AI-powered personal assistants and smart devices, and an exciting look at future technologies like AI-assisted shopping in supermarkets. This session provides valuable information for individuals with sight loss, caregivers, and technology enthusiasts interested in the intersection of AI and accessibility.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Future Vision (00:00:00)
    • Overview and importance of artificial intelligence for sight loss.
  2. Event Announcement (00:00:06)
    • Introduction to the event, presenters, and the date of presentation.
  3. Objectives and Collaboration (00:00:12)
    • The goals of the Future Vision series and collaborative efforts.
  4. Partner Organizations (00:00:33)
    • Introduction to six local independent sight societies participating.
  5. The Monthly Future Vision Session (00:00:51)
    • Description of the session and its collaborative nature.
  6. Panel Introduction and AI’s Direction (00:01:04)
    • The panel members will be introduced, and a discussion will be held on AI’s current state and future.
  7. AI in the Sight Loss Community (00:02:02)
    • How are AI technologies currently assisting and what are future expectations?
  8. New Developments and Integration (00:03:50)
    • Discussion on chatbots and their integration into existing systems.
  9. Future Expectations for AI Technologies (00:05:03)
    • Speculation on advancements in AI systems and devices aiding sight loss.
  10. Ethical Considerations (00:09:40)
    • A dialogue on the ethical dilemmas posed by AI technologies.
  11. Utilizing ChatGPT for Practical Solutions (00:10:22)
    • Demonstrate ChatGPT for accessing information and services.
  12. AI for Internet Use and Personalization (00:11:08)
    • How AI contributes to personalized internet experiences.
  13. Practical Demonstration: ChatGPT Interaction (00:13:20)
    • Live demonstration asking ChatGPT various questions.
  14. Discussion on AI Bias and Information Sources (00:18:18)
    • Concerns and considerations regarding the bias within AI responses.
  15. Exploring AI’s Role in Accessibility (00:20:34)
    • Discussion on current and future AI applications for accessibility.
  16. Shopping with AI Assistance (00:29:29)
    • Introduction of AI applications designed to assist with shopping.
  17. AI-Assisted Shopping Experiences (00:33:47)
    • Exploring AI applications in supermarkets for sight loss support.
  18. AI Innovations and Expectations (00:34:55)
    • Discussion on upcoming AI innovations and expectations for the sight loss community.
  19. Technology Demonstrations and Practical Uses (00:35:05)
    • Highlighting practical demonstrations of AI technology and its uses for individuals with sight loss.
  20. AI and Accessibility in Daily Life (00:36:00)
    • How AI is becoming an integral part of daily life and improving accessibility for the sight loss community.
  21. Closing Remarks and Future Directions (00:38:45)
    • Closing the discussion with thoughts on the future direction of AI in supporting sight loss.