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Image shows the Doro 7030 with the text how to set up the Doro 7030 Mobile Phone How to Set Up and use the Doro 7030 – A Detailed Guide 22 July 2023 - About this article The Doro 7030 is a simple-to-use mobile phone. While it’s initially aimed at older people, it can be used by anyone who does not want the complexity […]
Make your iPad Read Kindle Books to You Make your iPad read Kindle books out loud with speak screen/selection. 20 May 2023 - Introduction If you don’t normally need VoiceOver but sometimes would like to have text read out to you, then you can use the speak screen/selection feature. In this article and […]
Customise the iPad Kindle App for Low Vision How to make the Kindle App on the iPad easier to see 8 February 2023 - You can make the Kindle App on your ipad easier to see by adjusting fonts, layout and theme. The screen ruler can also help you stay on the right line.
Use Siri Shortcuts and Seeing AI to read Barcodes Use Siri shortcuts and seeing AI to scan and recognise products 21 January 2023 - Learn how Mary uses her iphone, Siri and Seeing AI to scan the barcodes of her CDs and other products around the home.
Why HTML Headings are important for accessibility 26 July 2021 - Having correctly structured HTML headings in documents is essential for helping people using accessibility technologies find their way around your webpage. But what are headings, and why are they so important.