Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for iOS and Android – Future Vision

Matt Harrison of My Sight Notts, looks at Artificial Intelligence Apps that help describe the surroundings to people with sight loss. The apps featured are Seeing AI, Sulliven+, Matt Also looks at using Seeing AI and Speech Sticker to identify and label products using barcodes.

00:00:00 Start
00:00:46 Intro
00:02:11 Matt’s Introduction
00:04:01 What is artificial intelligence
00:07:11 Why use AI apps
00:09:28 Seeing AI
00:14:46 Seeing AI Demo
00:21:47 Sullivan+
00:24:33 Sullivan Demo
00:30:06 Pros and Cons of Seeing AI
00:31:58 Pros and Cons of Sullivan+
00:34:40 Barcode Scanning
00:38:30 Barcode Scanning Demo
00:43:19 Be My Eyes
00:47:28 Q&A

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