Assisted Video Technology for people with sight loss

Tim Ward from Sight Advice South Lakes looks at Assistive Video Technologies for people with sight loss. This is where you can connect to a sighted helper via a video call who can help read labels, signs or guide you round a building.


00:00:00 Start
00:00:51 Introduction
00:01:23 What is Assisted Video Technology
00:05:05 BeMyEyes
00:06:19 Demonstration of BeMyEyes
00:10:48 Envision
00:12:14 Envision Demonstration
00:17:12 Aira
00:18:23 Aira Demonstration
00:22:14 Where to from here?
00:22:48 Points of Interest
00:25:20 Questions & Answers
00:47:25 Outro

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