Future Vision Visionary Winner 2021

Future Vision wins National Award

We are pleased to announce that we are joint winners of a national award for Future Vision, a project to bring Virtual Technology Events to people living with sight loss

Future Vision is a collaboration between seven local independent sight loss charities (Sight Advice South Lakes – Cumbria, My Sight Notts – Nottingham, Support 4 Sight – West & South Essex, Sight Concern Worcestershire – Worcestershire, Sutton Vision – London Borough of Sutton, Kirklees Visual Impairment Network – Huddersfield West Yorkshire). Each charity takes turns hosting a monthly event on a technology-related topic. The one-hour sessions delivered online via the video conferencing platform Zoom comprise a guest speaker followed by a question-and-answer session.

The Rainbow Award, awarded by Visionary, a national organisation representing local sight loss charities, “highlights the organisations and individuals who have been a Rainbow in the pandemic, through being open and generous; sharing knowledge, challenges, their staff and practical information and examples of what has worked for them.”

Visionary described the future vision project as “The Living Well and Future Vision sessions are an excellent example of collaborative working and enhancing the benefits for blind and partially sighted people in your local communities.” The RNIB who sponsored the award said, “These regular informative sessions called “Living Well” and “Future Vision” have provided a much-needed engagement, stimulation and support during very challenging times. It is a fantastic example of how organisations, by working together, have been able to share resources to create and build something great.”

Antony Horner, ICT Manager at sight airedale, said, “It’s fantastic that we’ve won this award and that other organisations see the value in what we’ve achieved. The beauty of Future Vision is the regularity of the sessions and the variety of topics we’ve been able to cover. This has only been possible through our collaboration with our partner organisations.

Future Vision Technology events take place on the fourth Thursday of each month starting at 10am. For the Zoom link please contact antony@sightairedale.org.uk

Blind Persons TV Licence Concession

Blind Persons TV Licence Concession

As of the 1 August 2020, the BBC scrapped free TV licences for the over 75s unless they receive pension credit. However, you may be able to apply for the Blind Persons TV Licence Concession.

What reductions are available?

You can get a Free TV licence if:-

  • You are over 75 and get pension credit
  • You are over 75, and regardless of if you get pension credit you live in a care home that has an ARC (Accommodation for Residential Care Licence), you need to speak to the care home administrator to see if this applies to you.

You can get a 50% reduction in the cost of a TV Licence if

  • You or someone you live with is Blind/Severely sight impaired regardless of their age.

You don’t need a TV licence if:-

  • You receive TV signals by a digital receiver that can only play sound and not display a picture.

Blind Persons TV Licence Concession

You are eligible for a 50% reduction in the cost of your TV Licence, If you or someone you live with is registered Blind or Severely Sight Impaired. For a Colour TV that’s £78.75 and for a Black and White TV it is £26.50 (as 5 August 2020).

How to apply

To apply for the Blind Persons TV Licence concession you can contact TV Licensing on 0300 790 6130 or visit their website at https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/check-if-you-need-one/for-your-home/blindseverely-sight-impaired-aud5

When you first apply for the Blind person concession, you will need to provide proof that you are Blind or Severely Sight Impaired, this can be either a copy of:-

  • Your CVI (Certificate of Visual Impairment) or BD8 Certificate
  • A certificate or document issued by a Local Authority that shows you are registered as blind (severely sight impaired)
  • certificate from an Ophthalmologist (eye surgeon), stating that you are blind (severely sight impaired

Sight airedale is unable to provide you with proof of your visual impairment. Your GP (they may charge for this) or Hospital should be able to provide you with evidence of your visual status.

If the Blind Person is not the licence payer.

If the Blind person is not the licence payer, you will need to transfer the TV licence into their name, assuming they are over 18 for more information on how to do this visit the TV Licensing website or call them on 0300 790 6130. You will need to have your current TV licence number available.

How to get a refund

If you are currently paying for a full TV licence, you can apply for a refund from the date that you became registered Blind or April 2000 which is when the scheme started. You will need to be able to show that you were registered blind at the time you purchased the licence.

Turn on AmazonSmile in the Amazon App

Turn on Amazon Smile in the Amazon app.

You can now support sight airedale through amazon smile by using the amazon app on your iPhone or android phone. 

  1. Load the Amazon shopping app
  2. Choose the main menu
  3. Choose settings
  4. Choose Amazon smile
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts

If you’re not already giving to us via amazon.smile visit https://www.smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/1080245-0 When you shop at smile.amazon.co.uk 0.5% of your purchase will go to support sight airedale. If you forget, Amazon will remind you.

Covid-19 Scams

Don’t fall for Covid-19 Scams

Trading standards have launched the Friends Against Scams scheme to raise awareness of Covid-19 scams. You can learn more by visiting Beware Of COVID-19 Scams.

Be aware of people offering or selling

  • Virus Testing Kits – These are only offered by the NHS
  • Vaccines or miracle cures – there is currently no vaccine or cure
  • Overpriced or fake goods to protect yourself from coronavirus such as anti-bacterial products
  • Shopping or medication collection services
  • Home cleaning services.
Our Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

We hope you are all staying safe during this time, we’re both working from home, so the office is closed to callers, but we are still answering the phones. Our helpline hours remain the same from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm Monday to Thursday.

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