Computer Information Service

Since 1998 sight airedale has offered computer support to sight impaired people.

Our service offers:-

  • One-to-one Computer Learning
  • Information on buying a computer
  • Information on adapting a computer for a sight impaired person
  • Alternative methods of accessing printed information
  • Impartial information on hardware and software
  • Opportunity to try out different types hardware and software

Our specially equipped air conditioned ICT suite provides access to a range of adaptive technologies including:-

  • Electronic Magnifiers
  • Big Keys Keyboard
  • DAISY Reader
  • Screen Magnifier/Reader Software
  • High Visibility Keyboards

For further information please contact Antony Horner through the Helpline or email

Eligibility Criteria

To access this service you must be registered sight impaired/severely sight impaired or have a Letter of Visual Impairment (LVI) completed by your GP or Optometrist. To learn how to obtain a Letter of Visual Impairment (LVI), please read our eligibility criteria.


What's New

Wednesday 10 and 17 July from 10am to 3.30pm, 31 Scott Street, Keighley

Our living with sight loss courses gives people the opportunity to meet and chat with other people living with sight loss in a relaxed, informal environment. Our volunteer speakers, who are people living with sight loss, tell their stories and answer questions.

To mark our 110th Anniversary a new tactile map was unveiled at a special event held on Tuesday 9 May 2017.

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