Convert Documents into Accessible Formats

Convert Documents into Accessible Formats

Our transcription service can convert documents into a range of accessible formats including:-

  • Large Print
  • Audio
  • Electronic formats such as plain text, HTML, Accessible PDF and Ebook Formats
  • Braille

For more information about transcription, please contact our helpline or email

Large print

Everyone appreciates clearly laid out easy to read documents, not just people with sight problems. Many people think that producing material in large print is simply a case of increasing the font size. When we convert a document into large print, we adjust the formatting and structure to make it easier to read.

Our standard large print documents are produced on yellow paper with comb binding, which allows them to lay flat. We can customise documents to your requirements. Such as incorporate your artwork and provide your printer with a print-ready PDF or InDesign package. We can also provide you with the document in Microsoft Word format.


There are many different types of Braille depending on the application such as maths, music or science.

We can produce:-

  • Grade 1 – The simplest form of Braille, used for signs or people learning Braille.
  • Grade 2 – Known as literary Braille, preferred by experienced Braille readers.

Our Braille embosser also allows us to produce simple tactile diagrams.


Audio recordings of documents can be supplied on CDs with customised labels or as MP3 files depending on what your needs are.

To hear an example of our audio recordings listen to our seefact magazine

Electronic Formats

We can convert your paper documents into a range of electronic formats, from simple text files, HTML, Word or PDF. For longer documents, we can produce eBook formats which are compatible with eBook readers such as the Kindle or iPad.

We can also check your Word or PDF documents to ensure that they are accessible to people using screen readers or Braille displays.

Our seefact magazine provides an example of the formats we can produce.

Types of Jobs we have done

  • Job Application form in Braille, Audio and Large Print
  • Menu for a Beer Festival in Braille
  • Newsletter in Audio
  • Produce a Certificate of attendance in Braille

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