How to cook when you can’t see (audio only)

How do you cook when you’re totally blind, and your wife dies at the start of a Pandemic? This was the situation faced by former Royal Marine Simon Mahoney in March 2020. His solution was to write a basic Kitchen survival guide called “First Catch your Rabbit” In this talk, Simon will tell his story, how he organised his kitchen, and talk through the process of preparing a meal using the system he devised.

Simons Books
A Descent Into Darkness
First Catch your rabbit!
Winging it Blind

For more details, visit Simon’s website at

00:00:00 Start
00:00:54 Intro
00:01:18 Simon Mahoney
00:01:37 Simon’s Story
00:04:08 First Book Descent into Darkness
00:04:27 Winging it Blind
00:05:14 Organising the Kitchen
00:06:24 Developing a System
00:07:33 First Catch your Rabbit
00:08:27 KISS & SLOPE
00:09:36 Safety
00:11:03 Lazy Person Principle
00:12:43 Organisation
00:13:26 Prepare
00:15:41 Execution
00:17:02 Why SLOPE is important
00:19:54 Cooking Economically
00:22:19 Making a Quiche
00:26:57 Questions
00:27:02 Question – How to put spreads on Toast
00:29:24 Question – How to organise your store cupboard
00:32:35 Question Managing Clothes
00:33:24 Question – Book Titles
00:33:52 Question – Book Availability
00:35:25 Website
00:35:54 Outro