Collection Bucket

Help with our store collections

Store collections provide us with a valuable opportunity not only to raise funds but also raise awareness of our work. For them to be a success, we need volunteers to hold one of our collecting buckets.

About our collectors

All of our collectors are volunteers – so 100% of what you give comes to us
They will never ask you for bank or credit card details
They will have an ID and an official bucket.

What does it involve?

  • Collections usually take place in supermarkets though sometimes it can be shopping centres or other large stores. Typically, in Keighley, Skipton, Bingley and Ilkley.
  • They are always indoors, though you may be near the doors.   
    You can choose to collect either in the Morning or the Afternoon.  
  • You will be provided with an official collection bucket, tabard, ID and a supply of leaflets to give people who are interested in learning more.

I’m interested, how do I find out more?

Store collections for 2020 have been cancelled due to COVID-19, if you are interested in helping with future collections, please contact our helpline on 01535 602354 or email