Frequently Asked Questions about MP3

What is MP3?

MP3 is a digital audio format that can be played on computers, MP3 compatible CD players, or dedicated MP3 players such as the Ipod.

Why are you doing this, what's wrong with tapes?

Over the next few years it will become harder to buy tape players, cassettes also wear out with age and use. During this project we've had to destroy over 170 titles due to damaged, or poor quality cassettes.

An unabridged audio book such as The Chamber by John Grisham can last 20 hours and be spread over 16 cassettes. If one of those cassettes is damaged or lost, we have to throw away the entire book.

By converting the books into MP3 format we can fit 24 hours of audio onto one CD. A book such as the Chamber would fit on one CD making it easier to use, post, and eliminating the problems of cassettes wearing out.
What are MP3 discs?

An MP3 disc looks like a standard audio CD, but where as a standard audio CD can only store 75 minutes of audio, an MP3 disc can hold up to 24 hours.

To play MP3 discs you need an MP3 compatible CD player.

How do I know if my CD player is MP3 compatible?

MP3 compatible CD players, will have the MP3 logo printed on them, this is usually printed on, or near the CD Drawer, or the lid of the CD compartment on top loading players,

The ability to play MP3-CDs is a major feature, so most players will advertise the fact.

If you can't find the logo, look in the instruction manual, the product specifications should tell you what the player is capable of playing. You should look for MP3 or MP3-CD.

If you purchased your CD player before 2000, then it won't be MP3 compatible.

Never put an MP3 disc into a non-MP3 compatible player, as it may damage your player’s amplifier.

If I buy an MP3 CD player, can I still play my old CDs?

Yes, all MP3 CD players can play ordinary CDs.

I get books from Calibre, can I use their player to listen to your books?

If you subscribe to Calibre's MP3 service, then yes you can use the same player to listen to our books.

I have an RNIB talking book player, can I use that to listen to your books?

Yes, if you have an RNIB DAISY player you will be able to listen to our books.

I receive a talking newspaper on a memory stick, can I use their player to listen to your books?

Yes, if you have either the Goodmans USB MP3 player or an USB Boombox MP3 Player you can listen to our books.

You will need to purchase an extra memory stick (we recommend 1GB) to use for our books.