Leave us a gift in your will

Leaving us a gift in your will

Founded in 1907, Sight Airedale has supported local Blind and Partially Sighted people living with sight for over 100 years, and we want to continue to support people long into the future. One way you can help us achieve this is by leaving us a gift in your will.  

What sort of gift can I leave?

An Itemised Legacy – This is where you leave an object such as a boat, house or book collection. The strangest gift we have ever received is a grave in Keighley Cemetery.

Pecuniary legacy – This is where you leave a specific amount such as £10,000

Residual legacy – A percentage of an estate, or what’s left after everything else has been allocated.

Conditional legacy – Something must happen for money to go to charity, for example ‘If my husband is still alive, the money is to go to him. Otherwise, it can go to this charity.’

Inheritance Tax

You may be able to reduce the amount of inheritance tax you pay on your estate by donating to charity as

  • Your donation will either be taken off the value of your estate used to calculate inheritance tax.


  • Reduce the rate of inheritance tax you pay, if you donate more than 10% of your estate to charity

Where to find out more

You can learn more about making a will on the government website at https://www.gov.uk/make-will.

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