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This week Apple launched iOS 7.1 this is the first major point release of apples latest operating system for the iPhone and iPad. This version includes the following accessibility improvements.
17 Mar 2014

This tutorial looks at using Zoom the screen magnifier for iOS. Even though this tutorial is using iOS7 the instructions apply to earlier versions of iOS and also apply to both the iPhone and iPad.

06 Jan 2014
In this weeks video we will be looking at four iPhone Apps for sight impaired people.
23 Dec 2013

The Alto 2 is an affordable talking phone from the RNIB. Ideal for people who want an easy to use phone, without the cost or complexity of a smart phone.

09 Dec 2013
Hello and welcome to this tutorial on making the text easier to read and using the magnifier on the Nexus 7.  This tutorial uses a Google Nexus 7 running Android 4.4 or Kit Kat.
25 Nov 2013
The reader add-on simplifies the layout of a webpage making it easier to read articles and print text. You can also customise the colour scheme and fonts. This is especially useful for websites with complex layouts or where there is poor contrast between the text and the background.
12 Nov 2013
We are pleased to announce our first quick guide video. If you have an iPhone or iPad and after upgrading to iOS7 you find the animation annoying or the text hard to read. This new video will explain how to switch of the animation and improve the readability of the text.
07 Nov 2013

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Our living with sight loss courses gives people the opportunity to meet and chat with other people living with sight loss in a relaxed, informal environment. Our volunteer speakers, who are people living with sight loss, tell their stories and answer questions.

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