MAX Mouse Magnifier

When I first reviewed the Max Mouse Magnifier in the October 2006 edition of seefact, it Cost £295. Since then the price has dropped to £99, so I’ve decided to republish an updated version of my original review.

The Max Mouse MagnifierSlightly larger than a computer mouse, the Max Magnifier plugs into any television set fitted with a SCART socket or composite video socket. For older sets a RF adaptor is available. For this review I will assume you’re using a set fitted with a SCART socket, as this will apply to most TV sets.

Setting the Max Magnifier up is easy, simply plug SCART lead into your TV’s SCART socket. Switch your TV on and then the magnifier. In most cases your TV will automatically tune to the magnifier, if it doesn’t press the AV or AUX button on your remote control.

The Max Magnifier is slightly larger than a computer mouse on the top of the mouse is a knob for adjusting the zoom and a button for switching between Modes. At the front of the mouse is a wire leading to a small control box, the control box is fitted with an on and off switch and has two further wires, one for power and one to connect to the TV set.

To use the magnifier, you simply move the mouse over the text to be magnified. The magnifier has three modes, greyscale, high contrast white on black and high contrast black on white. Greyscale is useful for magnifying images, though tends to be too fuzzy for reading text. The two high contrast modes, make the text crisp and clear. We find that most people using magnifiers prefer the white text on a black background option as it reduces glare.

The amount of magnification you will get from the Mouse Magnifier is dependant on the size of your television set. On a 20 inch television set the Max Magnifier will provide between 15x and 28x magnification.

One of the downsides of these types of magnifiers is that it can be difficult to keep the text in a straight line as you move across the page. The Max Magnifier sits in a trolley, which helps keep the magnifier straight. It still takes quite a bit of practice and people with poor motor skills may find it difficult.

As well as magnifying text on documents, the Max Mouse can also magnify text on other objects such as cans or boxes making it suitable for use in the Kitchen.

Its size and ability to plug into any standard television set means that it can easily be transported from room to room or taken on holiday.


The MAX Mouse is an excellent low cost alternative to the more expensive desktop video magnifiers. Though some people may find it difficult to keep the text in a straight line.

First Printed in seefact Feb 2008

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