Pioneer Worker - Miss Haigh

Extract from the Annual Report of Keighley and District Institution for the Blind for the year ending March 31st 1924.

"Although not directly concerned with the year in question, it would be unfitting to omit mentioning the loss the Institution has suffered recently in the death of Miss Haigh - The pioneer worker among the Blind in Keighley.

Miss Haigh has been a member of the Committee during the whole of the institution existence. For two years previous to that however, she and two or three sympathisers whom she influenced, were entertaining the Blind people of the Town each week in a small room of a house in Rook Street.

Though for the past few years Miss Haigh has not been able, on account of ill-health to take a very active part in the work. Her sympathy and interest never diminished and she was one of the most regular in attendance at the Committee meetings to the last fortnight of her life.

The memory of her zeal and enthusiasm should act as a spur to those of us who are left to carry on the work, if at any time our interest should appear to flag."

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