Go Digital

Go Digital was our Centenary Appeal aimed at raising £6,000 by the end of 2007 to purchase a high speed cassette duplicator, high speed cassette digitiser and computer, CD duplicator and recording equipment.

Our talking book library has over 1,300 talking books available for loan to registered sight impaired and severly sight impaired people. Most of these titles are on cassette. A unabridged audio book such as The Chamber by John Grisham can last 20 Hours and be spread over 16 cassettes. If one of those cassettes is damaged or lost we have to throw away the entire book.

By converting the books into MP3 format we can fit 12 hours of audio onto one CD. A book such as the Chamber would fit on two CD's making it easier to post and eliminating the problems of cassettes wearing out.

The Go Digital appeal will allow us to purchase a high speed cassette digitiser. This machine will convert the cassette into an MP3 file. A book such as the chamber could be digitised in around 100 minutes.

We have also been able to expand our transcription facilities allowing us to do more work in house and offer a wider range of transcription options.

What's New

Wednesday 12 and 19 August 2020 from 10am to 3.30pm, 31 Scott Street, Keighley

Our living with sight loss courses gives people the opportunity to meet and chat with other people living with sight loss in a relaxed, informal environment. Our volunteer speakers, who are people living with sight loss, tell their stories and answer questions.

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