Transcription Service Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the service?

The service is available to both individuals or organisations.

Is there a minimum job size?

No, we do not have a minimum job requirement. So if you just want a single page letter transcribing then we are happy to help. You can always order more copies of a document at a later date.

How do I submit documents for transcribing?

Documents can be submitted in the following formats:-

  • Microsoft Word Document
  • Text or Rich Text format
  • PDF File
  • Printed/Typewritten hard copy*
  • Handwritten text*

* Low quality printed or typewritten materials and hand written materials of more than one side of A4 will incur a surcharge. Hand written material should be printed.

How much does it cost to have a document transcribed?

The cost depends of the complexity of the document. For a no obligation estimate please send us a copy of the document you would like converting to

How do I pay for my transcription work?

We are unable to accept payment by Debit/Credit Cards. Payment can be accepted by cheque or cash. Cheques made payable to sight airedale. For Public Sector customers payment is required before the complete job is sent out.


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