Free Accessibility Software

Accessible computing does not have to be expensive there are a number of free screen readers and magnifiers available. It would be wrong to say that these could replace their paid for cousins but they could make the difference between not being able to use a computer at all, to being able to carry out basic tasks.


Probably the most popular free screen reader is Thunder which allows the user to navigate Windows XP use applications such as, Microsoft Word and Outlook Express. For browsing the internet you use the WebbIE Internet Browser. To download a copy of Thunder visit


WebbIE is a suite of programmes designed to make using the internet more accessible. Included in the package is WebbIE the text only browser, Accessible Listen Again for listening to the last 7 days of BBC radio, Accessible Radio Tuner for listening to internet radio stations and Accessible BBC iPlayer for watching BBC Television programmes online. Internet Explorer appearance editor provides an easy method of customising the appearance of webpages displayed in Internet Explorer.

Although the WebbIE suite of programmes are accessible they are not self voicing. You will still need a screen reader. All products work with the free Thunder screen reader. To download WebbIE visit

Real Alternative

To listen to audio or watch video on the internet you will need to have the RealPlayer installed on your computer. RealPlayer is not very accessible and pops up lots of confusing messages. Real Alternative is a simple easier to use alternative to RealPlayer. You can learn more about Real Alternative at

RNIB Surf Right Toolbar

The Surf Right Toolbar gives you easy access to some of the accessibility features of Internet Explorer. The toolbar allows you to choose from a selection of predefined high contrast styles. Switch off flash, useful for getting rid of annoying animations and switch off images. To download the Surf Right Toolbar visit

IZoom Web

IZoom Web is a screen magnifier that will work on any PC with an internet connection. IZoom Web works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Internet Explorer. It provides magnification, easy to see cursor and mouse pointer, the ability to customise the colour scheme i.e. yellow text on a black background. The magnification isn't up to the quality of programmes such as Lunar or Zoomtext but it's ideal if you're using a friends computer. To start using IZoom Web visit

Webanywhere Screen Reader

Webanywhere is a screen reader designed to be used anywhere that has internet access such as libraries, university computer labs or internet cafes. Such computer systems have very strict security settings to prevent people from installing software on them. Webanywhere does not need to install any software on the computer (if you're interested in reading about how this works then Webanywhere: A Screen Reader On-the-Go by Jeffrey P Bigham is available at explains the technical details) Webanywhere only works within a web browser it does not make any other parts of the computer accessible. To start using Webanywhere visit.

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