SeeFact ebook edition

SeeFact is now available to download for your Amazon Kindle (.mobi) or iPhone/iPad (.epub). To download the ebook edition, right click on the link for your ebook reader and choose

  • Firefox – Save Link As
  • Safari - Download Linked File
  • Internet Explorer – Save Target As

Ebook Reader Editions

How to get SeeFact on your ebook reader

Other ebook Readers

If you have a ebook reader other than the Amazon Kindle or iPhone/iPad, our files are DRM free, so can be converted to work with your reader. Please consult the documentation that came with your ebook reader for details on how to do this.


We’d like to know how well you got on with using the ebook edition of seefact, so we’d be grateful for any feedback you can provide. Please email

What's New

To mark our 110th Anniversary a new tactile map was unveiled at a special event held on Tuesday 9 May 2017.

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