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Help us to Help Connor

Connor Wrighton was born 26th November 2013 and lives in Skipton with his parents Nath and Lisa. He was born with Cerebral Palsy (a condition where the parts of the brain that control muscles and movement is damaged) and Optic Nerve Atrophy (a condition where the fibres of the optic nerve are damaged) resulting in him being totally blind.

How is sight airedale helping?

sight airedale has set up a special Charity Account called Connor's Humpty Fund for Connor, Lisa and Nathan for the next five years until 2019. Connor's mum and dad can access these funds for any purpose up to Connor attending school.

The board of directors of sight airedale opened Connor's Humpty Fund with a donation of £500. In addition The Appeals Committee has pledged 5% of all Appeals donations received over the next five years to Connor's Humpty Fund.

sight airedale's Appeals income comes from Humpty Dumpty collection boxes, loose change boxes, 100+ Club membership, shopping at Amazon, donations by text or online plus other ways. Donations from the board and supporters now total £3,197.16 (June 2015)

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What's New

To mark our 110th Anniversary a new tactile map was unveiled at a special event held on Tuesday 9 May 2017.

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