Centenary Year Review 100 Years, 21 Events

1. Lena Anderton Meeting Room Refurbishment - Work commenced Monday 11th December 2006 work completed 15th April 2008

2. Bingley Sight Information Day, The Little House - Saturday 17th March 2007

3. Centenary Booklet - April 2007

4. Centenary Display, Airedale Shopping Centre - Sunday 27th April to Sunday 27th May 2007

5. Centenary Dinner, Keighley Golf Club - Saturday 5th May 2007

6. Centenary Year Party at Bingley Social Centre for the Blind - Wednesday 9th May 2007. Centenary Exhibition Lena Anderton Meeting Room, Wednesday 6th June 2007

8. Silsden Sight Information Day, St James Church Hall - Saturday 23rd June 2007

9. Centenary Morecambe Bay Challenge - Saturday 21st July 2007

10. Centenary Display, Keighley Shared Church - Friday 3rd August to Friday 31st August 2007

11. Centenary Party, Bingley Social Centre for the Blind - Webster's Fish Restaurant, Baildon, Wednesday 8th August 2007

12. Ilkley Sight Information Day, Christchurch - Saturday 11th August 2007 13. Skipton Sight Information Day, St Andrews Church, Saturday 8th September 2007

14. Centenary Party, Skipton Social Centre for the Blind - Baptist Church Centre, Skipton, Tuesday 11th September 2007

15. Centenary Party, Keighley Social Centre for the Blind - Millstones Restaurant near Harrogate, Thursday 27th September 2007

16. Centenary Party, Crosshills Social Centre for the Blind - Webster's Restaurant, Baildon, Tuesday 2nd October 2007

17. Barnoldswick Sight Information Day, The Rainhall Centre - Saturday 13th October 2007

18. Visit by HRH The Duke of Gloucester Lena Anderton Meeting Room - Wednesday 24th October 2007

19. Centenary Celebration Concert, Keighley Shared Church - Saturday 1st December 2007

20. Centenary Appeal Go Digital - 1st January 2007 to 12th March 2008

21. Centenary Party, Silsden Social Centre for the Blind - Herriots Hotel, Skipton Monday, 28th April 2008

What's New

Wednesday 12 and 19 August 2020 from 10am to 3.30pm, 31 Scott Street, Keighley

Our living with sight loss courses gives people the opportunity to meet and chat with other people living with sight loss in a relaxed, informal environment. Our volunteer speakers, who are people living with sight loss, tell their stories and answer questions.

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