Centenary Year Review 100 Years, 21 Events

1. Lena Anderton Meeting Room Refurbishment - Work commenced Monday 11th December 2006 work completed 15th April 2008

2. Bingley Sight Information Day, The Little House - Saturday 17th March 2007

3. Centenary Booklet - April 2007

4. Centenary Display, Airedale Shopping Centre - Sunday 27th April to Sunday 27th May 2007

5. Centenary Dinner, Keighley Golf Club - Saturday 5th May 2007

6. Centenary Year Party at Bingley Social Centre for the Blind - Wednesday 9th May 2007. Centenary Exhibition Lena Anderton Meeting Room, Wednesday 6th June 2007

8. Silsden Sight Information Day, St James Church Hall - Saturday 23rd June 2007

9. Centenary Morecambe Bay Challenge - Saturday 21st July 2007

10. Centenary Display, Keighley Shared Church - Friday 3rd August to Friday 31st August 2007

11. Centenary Party, Bingley Social Centre for the Blind - Webster's Fish Restaurant, Baildon, Wednesday 8th August 2007

12. Ilkley Sight Information Day, Christchurch - Saturday 11th August 2007 13. Skipton Sight Information Day, St Andrews Church, Saturday 8th September 2007

14. Centenary Party, Skipton Social Centre for the Blind - Baptist Church Centre, Skipton, Tuesday 11th September 2007

15. Centenary Party, Keighley Social Centre for the Blind - Millstones Restaurant near Harrogate, Thursday 27th September 2007

16. Centenary Party, Crosshills Social Centre for the Blind - Webster's Restaurant, Baildon, Tuesday 2nd October 2007

17. Barnoldswick Sight Information Day, The Rainhall Centre - Saturday 13th October 2007

18. Visit by HRH The Duke of Gloucester Lena Anderton Meeting Room - Wednesday 24th October 2007

19. Centenary Celebration Concert, Keighley Shared Church - Saturday 1st December 2007

20. Centenary Appeal Go Digital - 1st January 2007 to 12th March 2008

21. Centenary Party, Silsden Social Centre for the Blind - Herriots Hotel, Skipton Monday, 28th April 2008

What's New

To mark our 110th Anniversary a new tactile map was unveiled at a special event held on Tuesday 9 May 2017.

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